Egypt: Multiple Registrations of the Same Product




I feel like I'm posting the same questions for a lot of different countries.

Anyways-- for Egypt:

Is it possible to register a product multiple times (with different distributors or authorized representatives)?

(would be a nice to receive answers that are backed up with sources -- i.e. regulation excerpts or anything similiar...)

I appreciate any help I can get.


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This won't answer your question but I am in the middle of assisting with an Egyptian registration and we have had to give exclusivity to our distributor by the way of an agency agreement, that forms part of the registration with the MoH, this document has been rejected once by MoH as the wording wasn't clear enough for them.
Have you looked at the website, I'd be tempted to ask directly?


Thanks, LFZR88 -- I've had a look at the website but haven't found information on that matter.
So, if anyone knows anything-- feel free share your Information / experiences :)

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