Elections are imminent...

First of all: I will remove this thread if it turns into a political discussion, ok?
Second: All political parties are trying to grab our attention, but a new party appears to have joined the fray... Have a closer look at the yellow sign. :lmao:



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:lmao: The political season has not really started yet. There is still a cubic nano meter (.000000001 of a meter) of political advertising space left.


Very nearly as bad a the clowns in politics, is the circus ad season leading up to elections (see what I did there?). I don't watch television, so I'm not subjected to that. Between now and November, though, I'll only listen to limited broadcast radio because they are swamped with ads, too (I listen mostly to SiriusXM Symphony Hall anyway). The billboards and yard signs, though, are difficult to escape.
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