Electrical Safety Markings for Medical Devices



Can anyone let me know where to find the electrical safety markings that is to be used in labeling around the world in a Medical Device ( Active). Once the Equipment is tested for safety and EMC by an accredited Laboratory how many different kind of labels have to be stuck on the Device itself. Any help on this, where I can find a Matrix of all required markings. For example what safety markings should the Device have for China / Russia/USA/ CANADA/ EUrope/Australia/ Taiwan/ etc......

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It'd be difficult to make an "all inclusive" list as you're requesting, as it really depends on the product and application. For example, household, mobile, body-worn, mains-powered, battery-powered...? Many different types of devices, many different labelling requirements... More details would probably be needed...

The IEC 60601 series standards are a good place to start, as they deal with Medical Electrical, and are acknowledged by a lot of regions on your list As far as region-specific electrical markings, I'm not aware off the top of my head of any additional electrical labelling required by regional regulations. ...but then again I'm not familiar with all the regions you mention.
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