Electronic APQP and PPAPs - Seeking Recommendations


Tom Hedworth

Electronic APQP and PPAPs

Has anyone found an electronic means (software or system) to create and maintain PPAPs. We have dozens of PPAP book now and I anticipate hundreds in a few years. If you have your PPAPs done electroniclly please share the method if you can.



A company called executive plus supplies a PPAP product that stores and prints the general PPAP info. It doesn't do much more than provide the forms online to fill in and save the data as far as the version i evaluated (96-97).

Their number is 765-483-0099.


We created our own in Lotus Notes. Unfortunately, some documents are not electronic and the database just records the fact they exist. Ultimately, the hardcopy still rules even though the database is a great advantage to keeping organized. It is a nightmare.
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