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Does anyone have any opinions on good software to purchase to make life easier when it comes time to write the QM, Procedures, and other supporting documents?

This forum has been very helpful and I want to thank all those that help people like me!




I've always preferred to use standard word-processing software. Keeping the documentation simple seems to make revisions easier to maintain, year-after-year. If you use a canned software package that's specific for ISO 9001 documentation and decide later on to transition to a mainstream software, it may be difficult to convert. This can also be true if you use a lot of graphics. In my opinion, you're better off to use software that's compatable with other softwares that the company uses.

But, as I said, that's just my opnion. Read on for the views of others.

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Hank Fowler

Al Dyer

Agree with you Hank,

I think this type of software can be used a reference but that the benefit of of using your own software is a good learning experience.

If you write it you know it!

I think if you use the Cayman PDF files and search function you will be able to get everything you need.:)

Fredrik T

I think any software will do really. A procedure could take the form of written text, processflows, pictures, television (used for promotion of gadgets in supermarkets). Though, my advice would be to use software that will work through many years of updates, ex MSOffice etc.

I have choosen to use MSWord and Excel for writing and for pictures. Visio for graphic process flow descriptions - it's easy to paste into word and you can add comments and resposibility by dividing your word document into 3 columns.

We use MS Sharepoint to mange our document system. The advantages is that it is easy to use and works without any problems together with MSOffice2000 (not really with older versions) and it is very very cheap compared to other document control systems (about 1/20th of the cost).

The best system will only have pictures, symbols and graphic process flows with reference to result documents. A good rule is that any procedure should fit on 1 A4 and the fontsize shouldn't bve less than arial 10:). If you manage this, I think the procedures even might be read and understood.



If I had it all to do over knowing what I do now, I would use Word, Access and Excel. This would have saved me tons of expense, training, etc. In the end I've converted to these from AQUA, Gagetrack and Powerway anyway.



Have you ever felt like a kid who know's about something new, and want's to share it with everyone? Well here's my rendition....

For something as simple as Excel, more convenient than Access & integrates with Visio for Flow diagrams, see www.fmeapro.com

We had the pleasure of trying an advanced copy with stunning new Graphical Analysis features...I wouldn't have believed it either...now I own it!

The folks at SAE seem to agree also...March 1st, they are the exclusive FMEA software supplier to the SAE membership...


Richard Flexton

Various - have a look

I have used Qpak, Qpulse, Proquis and Quality Workbench - they are all OK but it really depends what your requirements are. If you need good traceability and control then Word or excel aren't goiung to do it. If you have lots of users I would look at Workbench or Proquis enterprise.

I would also look at mapping my processes in allCLEAR so you can analyse them for bottlenecks and cost of quality.

Just a few practical thoughts.


For writing manual and procedures I'm using Word and Visio.

For doc control - so far just plain old Adobe and restricted directories. Pain in the neck and looking forward to getting a software solution.

Richard, Proquis is one of the software pkgs I've looked at and it seems like it would work for us - but can you give me the scoop on its shortcomings? It appears to be straight Access and the screens don't look very detailed.....

Laura M

In addition to Lucinda's question...

How many users are involved or how large is the company using Proquis?
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