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Electronic handwritten signatures for approvals - Signed with a Stylus or a Finger


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Hi everyone,

I have read in this forum that some signatures apps allow one to sign electronically, but the signature does not fall under 21 CFR Part 11 because it's still handwritten if signed with stylus; this is equivalent to signing directly on paper. What if you sign with your fingers instead? is this now considered an electronic signature that falls under 21 CFR part 11 OR a handwritten signature that does not fall under 21 CFR Part 11? Please clarify.


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I cannot provide you with any references to this, however, in my opinion there is no difference when using a pen, finger, stylus to draw a unique shape that represents a persons authorization. I would class all of these as a hand written signature.

Its once you get to the point of using "passwords" in place of that unique shape to be the signature that it becomes an electronic signature.
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