Electronic Quality Manual - Does anyone have working Electronic Quality Manual?




I am creating quality system in service organization and I have a chance to create Electronic Quality Manual.

Does anyone have working Electronic Quality Manual? Could you describe it? Organization, access, etc?




I have worked with an electronic quality manual. This was developed in word. Each section is a differet file with read only access to everyone. The manual can have its own folder on your screen and then shortcuts to each section added to the folder. In some cases only the sections a person may be interested in would have a short cut on their computer.



OK so far, I do not think, that everyone has to see all documents. And what about forms - could they be linked with databases? You pick a form, fill it in and data goes to database? I have to create a thing, that will be used at least time to time


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If you're a MS Office company, you can write a database in Access. I personally prefer Filemaker Pro for smaller companies (if all you need is Access, Filemaker Pro is easier to program and is more powerful than Access). LotusNotes with Domino you can also do that with.

You can write your own database, have one specifically written for you - or there are a bunch of commercial software solutions.

I am a firm believer in databases - go for it!


Seems to me it will be LN with Domino. Actually I am interested in what kind of problems could appear - with electronic QM, people, data bases, printed out documents and so on.
And data bases are one very good thing.
Thank you, Marc!

Andy Bassett

hello Maija

Whilst any form of computer based Quality Systems is definitely the way to go, when you ask what sort of problems can occur, i could write a novel on this. ie

How do you stop people filling in forms, and then storing them on their own personal corners of a computer system. (Show next to the document name the saving method and location).

How do you make sure when people create new forms that they have a similar style and layout, and conform to the standard. (Create a 'Base Form' which people adapt to suit their requirements, but the important header and title data stays always the same).

How do you ensure people are working with latest issue documents if they can print them out. (Arrange for Uncontrolled Copy' to appear automatically on each print-out).

etc etc

I could go on, do you have any specific questions.

Andy B


Our level 1 & 2's are kept on the lan. In 4.5 I state that the only way to consider a document as controlled is to have our company logo in color, if it is in black and white it is to be considered to be a reference only. The logo does not appear on any of these level 1 or 2 procedures, only on the paper that I copy them to
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Saw this old thread and thought I would try and invoke an up to date response.

I am keen to establish whether anymore of you are using an electronic copy of your quality manual?

If so, what software have you used, how is it navigated, what benefits does it offer over the hard copy system?

Is it exciting, does it move the earth?

I have been tasked with making our quality manual electronic, and want to avoid simply compiling all of our "Word" documents into one big .pdf. I want it to be dynamic, and highly usable from the ground up....I want the most junior of staff, right up to the CEO to be able to use it (Ok maybe the CEO is a bit ambitious, he has trouble turning his PC on!) It has to at least appear to move mountains or it will just get poo poo'd like a lot of stuff designed for the 21st century user is around here!

I am really keen to keep exploring Access but just wondered how this could be used to implement such manual!? Marc, I note you say that File Maker Pro is more powerful than Access, why? I have tried the Demo of filemaker pro and found it to be a nicer looking Access database?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I see this as a large step in me inheriting the control of the QMS, this is my initiation if you like, so no pressure :eek: !


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I am linked to an organisation who produce an application to help deliver documentation electronically via an Internet Browser. I won't post their name on here as that might seem like advertising but please send me a PM if you want their details.

It has all sorts of benefits including being available as a web-based application meaning that you don't have to have it loaded on your PC/laptop - you just need an Internet connection and you can access your system from anywhere in the world.

It makes document control very easy as you can set authorisation paths which won't budge until a document has been reviewed. It also has an audit manager module and a calibration module available. You could do it yourself but I suggest checking out a few commercial packages first.

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I recently worked with an auditor who is pretty well known in the ASQ world, and he says he is seeing more companies creating a one page quality manual for 9001 by using hyperlinks to all the appropriate documents for the quality system. It sounded like they were doing it in MS Word or Powerpoint with hyperlinks. You could do this via an intranet-type web page format, too.

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