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Greetings Cove Friends. I humbly come to thee, once again, maybe even stretching the limit of this thread a bit. Yet, you’ve never failed me so I will always stick with what works best. I am beginning to statistically evaluate key process data, yet still the old fashioned way-----keypunching from print outs into an Excel spreadsheet. However, Excel will give what I need. I know there is a way to send delimited ASCII code automatically and electronically from the measuring equipment directly into an Excel sheet. I have seen how well it works. Because I have slept since I saw this last, I am ignorant of the best way for this to happen. Is it an RS232 transfer into a giant Macro? A transfer module? At a loss I am and would greatly appreciate any assistance you may offer. Thanks very much and a splendid day to all.

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Ravi Khare

It is done by using a keyboard wedge software that operates minimized on the task bar, and captures the data on the serial port. It then transmits the data to whichever application ( Excel, Word, Notepad, Custom SPC software) that is active. In this manner, it is possible to interface any measuring instrument with any MS Windows based software.

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