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Element 4.7 Customer supplied product


Dan Larsen


I would consider the truck body customer supplied material. I think to pick it up in the system you wouldn't necessarily need a special instruction.

There are a lot of approaches to address this in the system depending, I guess, on the frequency of occurrence. I think the best bet is to consider how you handle it now and see if what you do meets the intent of the standard (knowing that the body is customer supplied). I'd look at the receiving system and include something along the line that "customer supplied goods for testing will be forwarded to..." and then make sure the receipt of the body is logged or recorded. The testing system can incorporate the disposal (or return if undamaged) of the customer supplied material.

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TAM Dave

Element 4.7 of the 3rd eddition QS9000 requirements says, "The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for the control of verification,storage and maintenance of customer-supplied product provided for incorporation into the supplies or for related activities."
Situation. Tier 1 auto supplier receives a light truck body from the customer into their product test lab for use in fatigue testing of truck frames. The body remains property of the customer and is eventualy (over the course of months) renderd useless as a result of the testing. After testing is complete it is agreed upon that either the customer or supplier will destroy and dispose of the body.
Question. Does element 4.7 apply to this situation? Does it warrent a seperate work instruction? The body is allready tracked in the shipping and receiving log. (I suppose we could expand the shipping and receiving work instruction to address this situation).


TAM Dave


Thanks for the re.
I see you are from Sussex. I am in Brookfield. Don't know if that came through yet because I just registered Friday. Small world. I'm going to talk about this issue tomorrow, what you describe sounds like the way to go.


Dan Larsen


As we say out here..."just down the road a piece". If I can ever help you, give me a call!

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