ELPO E-Coat Paint Test Requirements for GM Suppliers


Linda Miller


Looking for help, or forms any one can offer that will clarify supplier paint test requirements for e-coat paint.

Specifically in reference to a B/P specification GM9984120.

What specific method of testing for performance is required, and what is the best documentation to use. We currently salt spray and humidity test for Chrysler, can we use the same methods, and forms.

Does anyone have anything they could share to help?

Bill Ryan - 2007

Hi Linda and welcome to the Cove!

I'm not familiar with this specification but most of the GM specs. we have requirements for are pretty specific with what is required to be compliant. Generally, we use the AIAG format for reporting any testing measurements (basically, the same as the "Dimensional Results Sheet" except for the header).

Don't know if that helps you any, but I can't buy the spec. if it is not relevant to our parts. Our one part that is e-coated is supplied to a Tier-1 and they have their own material specification written.

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