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Rob Nix

Ahh, so you caught that difficult effort combining two puzzles into one. ;)

Hints: the quote is an anagram of the rest.
Also from before, pronounce: "con seated"

And here's a few more:

“The news spoke of several lots of defective underwear being returned,” he briefly recalled.
“You should change your motor oil regularly,” she maintained fluidly.
“I am your Maker,” He informed us gravelly.
“I shall sorrow no more,” she decried.
“Another class action suit!,” he retorted.
“Sorry about the loss of your TV/Stereo combo,” she consoled.

Tim Folkerts

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Rob Nix said:
"anagramy theme lost?", He Rants At Mo' Gamely. ;)
How about a slight variation
"anagramy theme lost," O! he rants at 'm gamely.

It was a brilliant idea to combine the two! Kudos to Rob. :applause:
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