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Several other forums have threads where forum regulars can post their availability. This thread is for those who provide training courses to 'make themselves known'.

You may only post in this thread if you are a Contributor and have been helping people out in the forums through participation with at least 100 posts.

Postings by regular forums participants only, please.

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Please - no schedules in these messages. Users can get these from your web site.
Remember - as with these 'courtesy' threads in the ISO 9K2K and a couple of other forums, no one-shot Nellies. If you're not a *regular* forums participant your entry will be deleted.
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My employer (Axeon, Inc.) is an auditing, consulting, and training organization specializing in helping companies understand, implement, and maintain business systems based on ISO 9000 and related standards. We offer RABQSA accredited Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor courses, as well as Transition and Overview training, for the following standards:

ISO 9001 (QMS)
ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive)
AS9100 (Aerospace)
ISO 13485 (Medical Device)
ISO 14001 (EMS)
ISO 17025 (Laboratory)

All training is available onsite, and is very cost-effective with 6 participants or more. Pick a 9001, 16949, or AS9100 course and you may even get to meet me! For more information visit our website www.axeon.net or call our toll-free number 877-782-3405.
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Training is my middle name. ;) I'm a training machine and love it.

As of right now I'm certified by my primary training client (BSI Management Systems/Training - BSI Americas) to deliver every EMS (ISO 14001) in their offering (I have delivered courses in the US & Canada) along with QMS (ISO 9001) to include the accredited Lead Auditor courses for both systems. I also have been signed off to deliver the OHSAS 18001 Lead auditor courses and I deliver the Integrated Systems and OHSAS Implementation courses as well. I have also delivered a variety of ISO related courses for other RAB accredited providers.

I am a Department of Labor (US-OSHA) authorized trainer for 10 and 30 hour OSHA Train-the-Trainer courses (OSHA 501). I have delivered HAZWOPER (29CFR 1910.120) training; Confined Space Entry Training and numerous other occupational safety courses.

The list goes on.

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I get rave reviews for my internal auditor classes (EMS & QMS). I also teach disciplined problem solving, FMEA/PPAP/APQP, process mapping, lean manufacturing, etc. Will also teach custom built courses.

Atul Khandekar

Training & Tools

In India, my company does in-house training, provides implementation assistance & handholding ( and software suppport) in:

1. MSA
2. SPC
3. GD&T
4. Six Sigma
6. DOE
and many other topics. We also conduct open programs - Typically one day duration.

For overseas customers, even though we are right now not geared to provide training in person - we are working on this - we have / are developing a few multimedia training (CBT) titles.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
I also offer custom training, especially for small businesses. I hold a B.S. in Applied Technical Education. I have designed, delivered and assessed Quality Program and HAZMAT Program training for hundreds of operators and supervisors. I currently operate in maximizing performance in diverse learning styles, including the learning disabled.

However, my deeper focus is on helping clients assess training effectiveness.

Workforce Management magazine (May 2004) reports $10 billion spent on tuition reimbursement last year. Very few companies know how, why and with whom their education dollars are best spent.

Internal training can also be a funding black hole. Okay, so your auditors can check in the box that you provided training per the standards. But did it bring value to the organization? Answering this question is my passion, because building this kind of introspective skill in an organization can usher in true pursuit of excellence. I am developing an array of products to help beginning and elementary level Quality Program users with this process.

I want to ensure employee development is treated like the investment it can be, not a nebulous expense.


I provide in-depth Management Audit training see web site in my profile here. I do not organize or run public courses. In particular, I offer training in Value Assessments, a field I pioneered in a course unavailable from any other source internationally, but one which several would like to get their hands on.
Excel Partnership Inc.

As a senior consultant and trainer with Excel Partnership Inc., for the past 15 years, we have trained literally thousands of people in quality management principles and practices, world-wide. Excel is the premiere resource for training of this kind and our performance results and client base support this claim! Just ask anyone who has taken our courses!

If you want the most effective, instructor led training - contact me directly, or at www.xlp.com

Andy Nichols
Senior Consultant
Excel Partnership Inc.
(An SAI Global company)
local: 248 613 2965
corp: 203 426 3281

Helmut Jilling

Auditor / Consultant
Training to get more value from our ISO and TS efforts

I am both an auditor and trainer/consultant. I have provided over 900 3rd party certified audits in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS-16949, and QS-9000.

I also do training and consulting.

As such, it gives me exposure to both sides of the table. I see things as an auditor which helps me provide better consulting. I see things as a consultant/trainer, which helps me focus on value-added areas when auditing. It keeps me grounded, and has served clients well.

Particular areas of focus are:
  • Getting more value and profit from ISO and TS,
  • Integrating ISO 14001 into quality systems,
  • Helping managers focus on the right things in ISO and TS,
  • Eliminating waste from our processes,
  • Defining the ISO process approach more effectively and efficiently,
  • Making systems work more effectively between departments and layers in the organization,
  • And, finally, we are offering specialized training to improve Healthcare system efficiencies.
All training is customized for each client. If you send me a private email through the Cove, I'll be happy to discuss particulars.

PS: Thanks Marc for the opportunity to share.

Steve Prevette

Deming Disciple
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I do offer training in SPC and Systems Thinking. A primary presentation that I use is the Deming Red Bead Experiment. You may contract for my help through the Fluor Corporation (a current negotiation is occurring with Los Alamos as this is posted).

If you have an ASQ function, or something that can be chalked up to ASQ "Community Works", or any non-profit professional society for that matter, I will happily speak for no fee, just cover my travel expenses.

An example of an upcoming speech: http://asq1401.org/IQF2005/IQF JC05 Preliminary Brochure Lugo Alfonso Oct 6 05.pdf

I have attached a services sheet.


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