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There are several main "Resource" areas of Elsmar now. In the old vBulletin forum there were only really Files Attached to Posts and the old "pdf_files" directory. There was also a "Cove_Members" directory which, some years ago, was a "US$25 Donation" access forum. These days it is freely accessible. They are all accessible here: Resources

I am still experimenting with this Xenforo "addon". I do not see it as "competition" to files attached to posts. But, if you have a file or other things you would like to share, they can be shared as a "Resource".

In addition, if you have something like "Training Files" or other resource which you want to charge for, they can be added. This includes, for example, having the Resource link to an external URL such as a a "Buy" page on your website.

Like I say, I'm still learning how all the permissions and options work.

Contact Me for information if you want to add a "Paid" Resource..