EMI/EMC Test differences for Radiography Equipment



Dear All,
We are designing a mobile Computed radiography(CR) equipment Which will have X ray generator, CPU ,monitor and CR casette reader and with UPS backup. All these modules in a mechanical housing.
As per IEC 60601-1-2, this device comes under CISPR 11- Group 2 -Class A device.

Earlier, we have done EMC testing for products of Group I category.I would like to know difference in tests and their limits for Group 1 and Group 2 (shielding and without shielding).

Thanks in advance.


Re: EMI/EMC for radiography equipment?

Hi Jaya,

Thanks for providing some extra details - bit easier to jump in.

As for the grouping -
Are you sure your device is Group 2?
If you check Annex D (2007 edition) diagnostic X-ray and CT systems are both clearly identified as Group 1.

When it comes to the difference - it only affects the emissions tests where Group 2 have higher allowed emissions.

But remember that even for Group 1 equipment you can have an "exclusion band" if your device includes an (intentional) RF transmitter.
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