Empirical Study on Canadian Companies


Nadeem A.

Hi All,

Four or five months ago, I made a commitment on this forum about the sharing of my research on ISO 9001:2000 version. In response to that commitment, a paper which is accepted for a conference, has been attached for sharing empirically tested results. Preliminary results have been presented in that paper.

Now, I have finished other hypotheses as well and would appreciate if someone can help in completing conclusion and discussion about the results of other hypotheses.

If anyone of you is interested, please contact me at my e-mail address, I can provide you the results. Input from cognizant personnel will be an added-value to this research, that's why I asked it on this forum.

Thanks for all those who helped me before and for those who will be cooperating in future.



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Nadeem A.

Thanks Marc for your comments on my study. Your words of appreciation really motivated me to share my thoughts over here. Now, I have finished my Master's thesis. At this point, I am thankful to you and all forum members that their thoughts were very helpful to proceed my thesis in a right direction. My another paper was published in International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol 53, No. 1 in January 2004. Interested fellow can visit to the following url:


Finally, apologize for the late response as I didn't get a chance to response you earlier.

Best Regards,
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