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Good morning.

Many, here in the cove, have been dealing with years of quality, over time the passion for work has led them to deepen their knowledge, and to love him more and more, and this is evident from your words.

Many of you are consultants, others are employees.

As employees we are certain that in the future, maybe ten years before retirement our boss won't decides to entrust us a completely different role, a job that we do not know, We don't love? When this will happen what will we do? Probably we will go to ask help to a good analyst and he will tell us that we were lucky because we can grow only from the wounds of life?

Or what we should do?
Any others suggestions here?
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Hi Ettore,

that's a very good question you have there. Here's what I did so far, as I know this situation, and kinda am in this situation again, after re-locating back home.

Basically there are two options, if your job assignment doesn't reflect your "passion" anymore:
  1. Try to change/adjust your current job assignment to the better. This is mostly a gradual process and involves more nudging than pushing.

    or if you don't have the degrees of freedom to gradually change your job and your superior won't budge, than there's always option 2
  2. Find a new job at another company.
I am a strong believer, that everybody can find a job he or she likes, however, sometimes it does not work out because of different opinions, company cultural believes, philosophies and so on. If you have a discrepancy there, only option 2 applies, as the whole company won't change just for you.

Not an option, of course, is to not try and change something.

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I've had the flexibility to free-lance within the company. This can be an advantage of a large company. Granted, I'm still fulfilling the same role (SPC data analysis, scorecards for management, process improvement) but did just got "promoted" to having a higher level manager, in effect adding the corporate department (Fluor Government Group HQ) as a customer. I still service four project sites within the Energy and Nuclear side of FGG, but this opens up overall FGG metrics and work for other units within FGG. And I'm about 10 years to retirement - but Fluor did want to be sure to be able to keep my services after the Savannah River contract ends. My official title is "Senior Quality Engineer".

So, there can be advantages to working for a large corporation. At least in my case I was able to target specific customers who are good customers to work with. A somewhat different twist on trying to influence your manager.
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