EMS Link to APQP - Added an EMS sign off to our Engineering Change Notice form



EMS link to APQP

We just completed our first surveillance audit here and it went very well.....yippee!
As a result of a corrective action, I've added an EMS sign off to our Engineering Change Notice form, to ensure ISO14001 is considered in any changes throughout our plant. (especially aspects and impacts)
I want to create a task list of Environmental aspects to be considered before I will sign off the ECN, and I'm looking for ideas.

Of course there will be the obvious, such as new material being used, but I know I'm missing quite a bit since ISO14001 is so new to me.

Any help is appreciated. :)

Dean P.

I was just having this conversation 30 minutes ago with our Engineering Manager, discussing how we can incorporate EMS issues into APQP.

Some things you can look at beside materials are changes to process and how they impact the environment. For example, if we want to change the paint spray guns on our paint line, this will (hopefully) improve transfer efficiencies which would lead to lower paint usage and less overspray (and thus lower emissions). You could also look at changes in energy consumption as a result of process changes, changes in quantity of defective material produced, etc. I'm sure there are many other things to consider.


Sporty, This is a checklist that is completed during our APQP process. Comes from Ford.


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