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EMS Management review outputs - Strategic direction of the organization

Part of the EMS Management review is to review "Any implications for the strategic direction of the organization"
Would anyone have any examples?
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Full disclosure - it's been a few years since I've worked with an EMS...

Simply put, all of those inputs to management review are not just to be reviewed as individual inputs but also for there to be consideration of how the inputs (and the actions taken as a result of those inputs) may impact where the organization is going from an EMS perspective

For example, changes to regulations and/or statutory requirements - including revisions, newly released, rendered obsolete regulations - it goes beyond looking at how that may require your organization to change (e.g., new performance standards for your processes, tighter environmental controls on your site's aspects and impacts), but also taking a step back and looking at how meeting these changes could impact where your company wants to go (e.g., investments and capital may need to be transferred from one improvement to another in order to meet the new regs).
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