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June Ang - 2005

Hi, calling for help again. I appreciate very much for any reply i received.

As my company is project-based organization, i face problems in setting targets for "project" level.

We already identify the objectives and targets for "corporate" level, and each project suppose to set their "project environmental target" to achieve our "corporate" objectives and targets.

For example, my company receive a lot of fine in "mosquito breeding", so one of our "corporate" objectives & targets is:-

Objective : to control the mosquito breeding
Target : to reduce 25% fine in mosquito breeding compared to year 2001

Our environmental gap analysis has indicated that at year 2001, we have:
- 13 cases of mosquito breeding fines
- total fines of $ 100,000 (example)

For "corporate" level, i can monitor our progress towards this objective and target by just ensuring the total fines is less than $75,000 during year 2002. But, i have no idea on how the set the target for project level.

I think of the solutions before:-

(1) For those projects who have this fine records at year 2001, they can set their target based on previous fine records
(2) For new project started at year 2002? what they can set?

Shall i reset my target in other better way? or do you have any other good idea? Thanks for advices.
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1st of all, are you setting a financial or environmental objective?

The objective should not be to reduce the fines, the objective should be to reduce the breeding (permanently maybe). Your targets are fine reduction and the reduction of potential disease bearing critters...improving the living environment.

By reducing the breeding you should reach your Target. When that is done set another Target (Continual Improvement remember).

You need to understand that there is no right or wrong way of setting Objectives and Targets.....there is only your way. All you need is a system to do it and a method to prove it. Don't get wrapped around the axle trying to develop grand plans and schemes. Keep it simple and standardized across the board.

If you are having difficulties you may need outside assistance. There are quite a few folks in that part of the world that I am sure could help. Check with your management. If they truly want a world clas system then they should provide the resources (another requirement by the way) to do so.

June Ang - 2005


Hi! Thanks!

I get your points now! I thought that by setting the financial figure will make the objectives and targets tangible and measurable. But, you remind me that there are still many open options.

As for outside consultant, i do hope so. But, this is company policy. They hired me is just purposely want me to in-charge for the whole system (as i mentioned before). Can i say no??? I don't think so.


Anyway, i still trying my best. As you said : There is no shame in failing, but is a shame if no trying.

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