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“Old Folks”? As an “old folk” I can tell you that those men from those days are dead folk…and it’s a horribly broad brush that is simply isn’t true. I know many ‘young folks’ who think quality is just inspection…

Part of quality, even in the modern day, can be "checking parts". Ain't nothing wrong with that in some instances, as long as that isn't all "quality" is. Sometimes it can be damn hard and a science all to itself.

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Yes. I am at least as interested in what the procedures don't say as what they do say.

It's worth keeping in mind that these days I almost always audit chemical plants, usually to multiple standards at once. There is no way I can read all those procedures ahead of time, I wouldn't remember their details anyway. Others, such as hazardous waste handling, and the site's emergency response plan (especially to compare the guard shack's Post Orders with the site Emergency Response Plan) are reviewed routinely.
Thanks, Jen. In my post, I was trying to distinguish between the procedure for operating a process and the documented procedure that attempts to describe how a process should be carried out.

The example I often use is the process is for me getting to work. The procedure may vary: sometimes I may take the train, and sometimes I drive my car. When driving my car the route I take (the procedure) may change depending on traffic conditions etc., etc.

I take your point about not reading all the documentation before an audit. I'd first question why the organisation has multiple documented procedures to cover the way the organisation manages its process. My preference is for a single documented procedure that includes all the requirements (quality, environmental, occupational health & safety, etc.) to control the process.

I do like to review documentation before I go out and audit, though. Often there are elements in the documentation that grab my interest and I'll highlight those and look out for them when I get out to where the action takes place.


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Considering the OP was last seen on 1-Feb-2024, we may not get much further in this thread until s/he returns to answer some of our questions.
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