Engineers signing off the back of the Route Pack Card


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Hi All

Quick question regarding the engineers signing off the back of the route pack.

what do you people have as general headers.

We have:

Op No, Batch Qty, First Off, Last Off, Qty Passed, Qty Failed, Total Inspected and Operation/ inspection results

We are trying to educated the guys again when an item has been machined incorrectly so a number is in the qty failed box on say op 20.
The part (Dimension) is under concession so the item has to be finished machined with the balance of the batch.

The engineer on say op 40 does not want to fill the Qty failed box with a number as for him he has machined nothing wrong.

My issue is that I could have one fail op 20 but ops 30, 40 , 50 etc will show as Zero leading to confusion as to where the Non-Conformance has gone?
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Could you post a copy of the form you are using?

Are you saying that items in a batch go through further operations and that after all operations are through the marked (I assume) nonconforming parts are reworked?

It sounds like there's a traceability issue from what I think you are saying.


I think in that situation you'd need to attach a longer note to the route card explaining which operation does not meet specification, that those parts are kept segregated throughout the remaining operations, and that you are working under concession.

I think you could sign off either way (either keep noting the nonconforming as separate or mark all as good at each operation), just make sure you explain what you're doing in the note.

It's a complicated enough situation I don't think the standard good/not good you have set up on the route card can adequately cover it without an additional note.
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