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Could something like this be considered a Preventive Action/Continuous Improvement? Has anyone gone this route? Other than as a charitable/community spirit sort of thing?

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I believe you could successfully argue that such a program could be classified as Preventive Action/Continuous Improvement in your company. The assumption is, of course, dependent upon your company hiring folks who speak (example) Spanish and is located in a primarily Engilsh speaking locale.

However, part of the arguement could rest upon when you started the program. As you know, the debate over corrective vs preventive, in so far as definition goes, leaves a lot of open ground. So, if you had a nonconformance whose root cause you traced to an employee not understanding a requirement (or whatever) because of their poor English, you have jumped into the reactive (thus it can't {ahemmmm} be preventive.

I'm sick of interpretations of what is preventive and what is corrective. I'm to a point where I'm classifying preventive as an FMEA and everything else is corrective...



I don’t understand this confusion of interpretations of preventive and corrective actions. In my opinion a preventive action is taken (why only FMEA?), to face a POTENTIAL nonconformance while every other action related to REAL nonconformance is a corrective action. I know that it sounds obvious, and for this reason I’d like to know which cases caused different interpretations. Anyone can give me an example?
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