Entering Assemblies containing Welds into IMDS


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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone offer me advice on how to submit an assembly into IMDS that contains steel plates welded together using a tiq welder? Not sure how to enter the weld portion of the assembly.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Kales Veggie

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The chemical composition and the amount of the filling rod has to be added to the MDS.

There are several options. The best option is to add the filler rod material node to the component node (say one component node with a material node for the steel plate and the filler rod, for example).

Depending on how you created or received the steel plate MDS and the filler rod MDS you may have to use semi-components (2nd option) or use component nodes for the steel plate and the filler rod (least preferred option)


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What if you do not have an MDS for the filling rod from your supplier (perhaps since they are not registered with IMDS or don't normally supply into automotive sector)?

Can you look up the material in the steel lists for example? Or do you have to get an MDS sent to you from the actual manufacturer if the supplier can't send one?

Sorry to break into this thread but it seemed a reasonable follow on question to Kales' posted answer.

Kales Veggie

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IMDS standard materials include many welding rods and many manufacturers have published their catalog products.

If the material is not standard, there are two options:

- the manufacturer enters the material and either publishes it or submits it to your account (preferred)
- you enter it based on the received chemical analysis of the wire (note: IMDS requires material declaration in the "shipped" state, not the received state)
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