Environmental compliance



How do we verify we are in compliance with governmental and safety regulations?
2.How do we ask suppliers for proof of environmental and safety regulations? What do they need to provide as proof?


Fully vaccinated are you?
My clients point to the person who handles the safety, OSHA and related requirements. The first clue is who handles your MSDS program. Typically they have all the documents and such.

As far as suppliers, you could make up a questionaire or 'statement of compliance' and ask them to complete/sign it or ask them what they propose as 'documented assurance' that they are in compliance.

Tom Goetzinger

Many companies add a statement to their Purchase Order conditions requiring that suppliers comply with all applicable governmental and safety regulations and constraints. By accepting the purchase order, the supplier is agreeing to comply. I believe this will satisfy the intent of the standard. IMHO

Tom Goetzinger


I have decided to go with certificate of conformance, and I have also added it to the supplier audits. We already have it on the po. During an internal audit, the question aros: How do you know they comply? And how do we know we comply?
Once again, you have helped me out. Thanks, Dawn
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