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Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Competence

I am working to develop a questionnaire in order to verify and evaluate an auditor's competence in Environmental Management System Auditing. ISO 17021-2:2015 has a basic outline for the knowledge that must be demonstrated, but I'm looking for a little help creating questions from this outline to ask a competent EMS auditor that would allow them to demonstrate their competence effectively. Does anyone have any suggested questions or know of a book/website where I can find more information? If you are an EMS lead auditor, what are some questions you have been asked to demonstrate your competence?


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Competence is a demonstrated element. I've been a certified EMS Lead for almost 20 years now.
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Disclaimer: ISO 14001 isn't in the scope of my expertise.

Randy is a known expert in ISO 14001 and I agree with him that an auditor's competence is typically determined by observation of the auditor. My experience is that it is a combination of a test, of sorts, as well, though.

Back in the day, for example, I did internal auditor training. You may find a few things here "food for thought": Index of /Cove_Members/Audit and Index of /Cove_Members/Audit/Audit_Forms

You also might want to read: ISO 14001 Internal Auditor Competence

I don't have anything specific to ISO 14001, though. If someone here does, and is willing to share, it will be appreciated.
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