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Environmental Policy Content - ISO 14001 Clause 5.2

Dear friends,

I have a doubt about one of the requirements of clause 5.2. Should the text of the environmental policy include the word "protection of the environment"? Within the commitments of the policy ... How can the inclusion of this commitment be demonstrated?

In the previous version ISO 14001, when an auditor came to our enterprise is used to require the word "pollution prevention" in our company...if the policy doesnt include the word prevent...for him that was a non conformity.. please could someone clarify this issue?

The environmental policy is the mechanism by which top management formally expresses its commitment to improving its environment performance.

Thanks in advance!!

Clause 5.2 ISO 14001
"As a minimum, these commitments are required:

......Includes a commitment to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific requirements relevant to the context of the organization....."
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John Broomfield

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Your organization’s environmental policy should at the very least require the organization to prevent pollution. It may also require the organization to improve the environment.

When you determine the organization’s environmental impacts make sure that you do not stop at determining only the significant aspects with adverse impacts, seek out what your organization does to beneficially impact the environment too.

That may cause you to make your environmental policy rather more comprehensive.
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