Environmental Training for ISO 14001


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Environmental training and ISO 14000 are 2 different things, but I think you mean ISO 14000 training. What you do is go to www.rabnet.com and then look under the EMS Course Provider directory. You will find everyone who is registered by the RAB to provide training. There are many other companies however that provide awareness or implimentation training for ISO 14000...some of them are even represented on this forum. Quality Digest Magazine (Jan 2001) has one of the most complete listing you will find for people who provide ISO 14000 type training. I cannot guarantee what quality you will get. I myself used IQuES as my course provider for Lead Auditors training.
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My company wants to become ISO 14001. Can anyone tell or give me some contacts how to get enviromental training for ISO 14001. Just the Environmental Training. Can you supply phone numbers and address for contacts.
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