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EPA NPDES VISUAL ASSESSMENT - No Significant Storm Event

This is for the ISO 14001 Compliance Obligations-Quarterly Storm Water Visual Assessment
We hold an industrial storm water discharge permit. I am asking for a lead on a weather history tool, specifically precipitation, that can prove no significant rainfall in the past quarter. My current "go-to" site has changed formats and I cannot use it for Q2 2018.

There is an EPA form to fill out when there is a qualified storm water discharge and runoff sampling is conducted. GOT THAT.

However, in the case of no qualifying runoff/discharge, I have been going back to a Weather History provider and entering the date ranges and doing a review of rain events so that we can have documented proof of no events during that quarter.
Problem: Going back over Q2, they have changed policy and do not have the tools I need to go back 3 months. I paid $10 for an upgrade from free subscription and this does not seem to have added any feature for weather history that is useful for past precipitation.
Question: What is anyone else using to document that there were no storm water runoff events to satisfy their permits? If I do daily reporting, then if on the last week of the quarter there is a qualifying discharge event, then 80 days of records is not needed and seems like a waste of time to do another non-value added activity every day. Does anyone have a useful tool to get precipitation history that they can recommend? Thank you in advance, very appreciative.
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