Equipment for Oven Calibration, Uniformity and System Accuracy Tests


Learning what I can.

This whole NADCAP/AMS2750 field is new to me so please forgive my ignorance.

We are performing oven (mostly grieve ovens) controller calibrations, uniformity surveys and system accuracy test in house with some outdated homegrown equipment.

I am looking for a data acquisition system that can graphically display real time thermocouple inputs (about 16). Store the calibration data and fairly easily download it. Ideally an off the shelf system geared for these types of calibrations.

Any recommendations?


Datapaq and Phoenix are two systems I am aware of. They have products that can go entirely inside the furnace (with thermal barriers to provide several hours of protection to the electronics) so no wires have to be run through the furnace door or wall.

If your setup is fine running wires through an opening you probably have additional cheaper options, I'm just not sure of other name brands.


Learning what I can.
MTProcessing thanks for the help. I'm looking at Datapaq (Fluke) now. I have not been able to find the Phoenix system you mentioned.
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