Ergonomic issue caused by supplier material


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Hi everyone.
We are facing some problems with a material that is causing some operators at the manufacturing, to complain about how their hands are hurting from managing this material (to tight to handle).
The point is we have a ergonomic area in the company that is taken very seriously.
But how to talk with the supplier about changing the drawing due to ergonomic issue?


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It would be needed to understand the whole background, but according to your comments, the responsible DWG design for the product is your supplier.
If I were right, you should check whether he compiles with all the requirements you stated and whether, in their Design FMEA, they were given the information about how this product would be assembled so they perform a correct design.

if nothing was shared from you as customer, I would totally understand a rejection to any kind of complaint from supplier side and the need of a RFQ for the requested change. If they had been informed in advance, I consider the change of design should be their responsibility.

i encourage you to check it with quality guys from the project phase to check the requests and information forwarded for the risk assessment

Sidney Vianna

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But how to talk with the supplier about changing the drawing due to ergonomic issue?
I am confused. You are the customer, are you not? Customers tell the suppliers what the requirements are and, as long as it is contractually agreed by both parties, supplier complies with the requirements and the supplier does not necessarily need to know why requirements have changed. Failure from protecting your workforce from undue strain is not only morally wrong but will cost you in lost time to injury as well.
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