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Hi all,

RE: Document Controls and data

I am used to systems where the data (e.g. input into the ERP system for component numbers, finished good numbers, item master, etc.) is run by Doc Control, and data input goes hand-in-hand with the documentation. If you don't have an approved spec, you can't release the component to production. There used to be an ISO requirement for document AND data control. Now there is just the requirement for document control.

What about systems where the ERP data is not controlled by Doc Control, and document control is looked upon as "a separate system"? :nope: Where can I find a QS requirement that, for example, parts can't get released to production by the ERP folks without an approved document? I feel very much like the tail is wagging the dog here.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Any input would be appreciated.

Sounds like there is a process in place. Are you the process owner? Are you trying to design or assess the process?

I would consider asking the process owner to show you a flow chart or procedure for the process. I would then audit the process. If it is in control, no worries. If there are issues, issue a corrective action.



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I am not sure what you are asking. The data is controlled by the ERP system itself. Sounds like you are talking about the process to enter the data?

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