Error Proofing In Every Corrective Action?



question for error-proofing

Whether or not we shall use error-proofing method in every corrective action?
Is the error-proofing method belong to corrective action or preventive action?

Howard Atkins

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If the error proofing is as a result of a corrective action it belongs to the corrective action.
If you manage to implement the mistake proofing befor a non conformance occurs it is preventative.

The key is when the action was introduced.


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The automotive definition of error proofing in ISO/TS 16949:2002 is:
product and manufacturing process design and development to prevent manufacture of nonconforming products

If you go by that definition, you don't do it for every corrective action - only those related to the manufacturing process. In a broader sense though, corrective action is action taken to prevent recurrence of problems. This really is "error proofing" of your processes.

Also, like Howard said, error proofing can be either corrective or preventive.
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