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Error trying to Start a New Thread

Hi Marc,

I hope you are well.

I have a new problem but couldn't figure out how to report it except this way.

I attempted to start a new discussion thread in Document Control Procedures forum with the question "Which documents must be updated upon product validation?" but got an error message saying it was an invalid message.

When I tried to send you a private message, that also came up with an error.

Scott Fine


Captain Nice
Staff member
I suggest that you log out of the forum, clear any cookies from, close your browser, restart your browser, log into the forum and try again.

Also - Sometimes there can be a bit of confusion because of the way the "Related Threads" sometimes appears between where you enter a thread title and where you enter the body of the post starting the thread.

Starting a New Thread.jpg

Both have to have "content".

Also - TYPE in your thread title. Sometimes a "copy/paste" will include invisible characters that aren't valid in the title field.
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Thank you, Marc.

I cleared the cookies to no avail and then realized that I was trying to start a thread with just the title. Once I also entered the content, it worked fine.

Sorry for the bother.

Be well.

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