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Can anyone tell me where, in eSupplierconnect, I can see my company's sustainability and conflict minerals submission statuses? I know we must submit via NQC and I've done that. I've shared my assessment with "FCA" and am showing "approved" but I would like to be able to see it directly related to my DUNS within the Stellantis system, not a third party's system. Also, we have two separate companies (separate supplier codes) that were recently merged under one organization code with one parent DUNS number with Stellantis and I want to see that both companies/supplier codes are receiving credit for that submission. If you don't know where I can see it in the portal, any idea who I could contact to help? Our SQE is of no help. Thank you!
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Hi Teamk1,
You are a direct FCA/Stellantis supplier; when all else fails contact your SQ...have you taken advantage of the online training they offer?

hope this helps...


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Unfortunately office politics are involved and the key outside sales engineer wants to handle the direct contact with the customer. The engineer really doesn't even understand what I'm asking and won't push the envelope for answers. Now that these two subjects are being handled in NQC, what I learned in training (using SSSA to submit sustainability) for example, is no longer applicable.
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