European Model for Quality Excellence vs. ISO Guide 62 vs. MBNQA (Baldrige)



I know of a company that has just engaged a registrar that uses the European Model of registration. If I have my information correct, the assigned auditor is also your consultant. The Consultant goes over your quality manual and other documentation with you and makes corrections, once the documentation is satisfactory, the consultant works with you to make sure you are following your own documentation. At that point the auditor (same person) audits you.

Two questions: (well, actually three)

1) Is there such a thing as a European Model? If so, does this describe it?
2) How in the world does this meet Guide 62 (or what ever) requirements?


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Never heard of such thing. Could this have anything to do with the European Model for Quality Excellence? The Euro-version of the MBNQA?

As a model for quality management system certification, it does NOT abide by ISO Guide 62. No IAF Accreditation Body would allow for a model such as this under their auspices.

While I personally think that the model being used in the third-party certification/accreditation world needs updating, any approach which seems to present a conflict of interest will be seriously questionned . . .:eek:


The thing that concerns me is they have a registration mandate for the end of the year. Supposedly, the end result is registration to ISO 9001:2000. I will attmept to get the name of their "registrar". I think they are out of Ireland. Oh, how I hate forced registrations! :mad:



I think I ran into this company as a competitor about a year ago. They perform both the consulting and the registration audit. The catch is that they are NOT accredited by RAB (or anyone else). We lost a quote to them because they could do both for one fee. I believe the one I am thinking of was UK based - and had been under investigation in the UK for fraud.

I can't remember the name right now, but I will see if I can dig it up and send it over to you.



Found the one I was thinking of: International Management Systems Marketing

International Management Systems, Inc. (a fully accredited registrar) had a note on their web page that they are in no way affiliated with IMSM.

I know I saw a longer article with the details of the UK investigation - may have been in Quality Systems Update. I am trying to do a northernlight search, but their search engine seems to be down right now.

Looks like they have US offices. I know they are (were) active in the Detroit area since we did compete with them on the one quote.


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Maybe the popularity of the plan is because a real, flesh-and-blood European model does the "consulting" and "audit" for you. Sounds like a new wrinkle from an escort service who is looking for a way to help business exec's. get their "services" past the Accounting Department for reimbursement! ;)

On a serious note, it sounds like the company needs to do some more homework if they expect a legit and acceped ISO "certification" to come out of their efforts. But, if they only want to achieve "compliance", or the set-up of a basic QMS, maybe they will be happy with the results.


Because I don't have all the information concerning what the "registrar" told this company, I really don't want to give away the name. It is possible, my contact might not have understood the process entirely. I will say however, that I had never heard of them before their name popped up in this thread.

M Greenaway


Its a myth.

As others have alluded to my hunch is that this certification body is not UKAS approved, hence it can do what it likes, yet would have little perceived value in the market place - well amongst us quality nerds anyway !

There are a few out there that will post you a manual and a cert for a few hundred quid.
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