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Evaluating the need for preventive action

Please guide me that How to evaluate the need for preventive action for any non conformity occurred?

How to evolve such format or method for the same?

John Broomfield

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If the nonconformity has occurred it is too late for preventive action.

Preventing the occurrence of nonconformity is initiated by planning (includes risk assessment) and by the analysis of data.

Employee ideas may also initiate preventive action.

And of course the designers of services, products, processes and systems are meant to be preventing nonconformity.

Bill Levinson

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Preventive action involves identifying a potential issue in advance (e.g. through FMEA) and implementing controls or other actions so it never happens.

J.F. Halpin's Zero Defects (1966) describes the Error Cause Removal (ECR) program in which any employee can report a potential cause of poor quality. The process owner can implement preventive action.

Hiyari hatto = "experience of almost accident situation" is a safety near-miss report that results in preventive action before a safety incident actually happens. "I could have put my hand in the machine while it was running!" results in installation of a guard to make this impossible, which is preventive action.
for "I almost hit the deer" (in Japan). What preventive action (deer whistles?) can be taken to ensure that we cannot hit a deer? (The loud noise might have been from a proximity sensor of some kind.) "Be careful" is an administrative and not an engineering control. for Shin Etsu chemical hiyari hatto reports.


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