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Everything That?s Happened Since The Massive Chemical Spill In West Virginia


Captain Nice
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John Broomfield

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Since this is recent and ongoing, think about this one...

Everything That?s Happened Since The Massive Chemical Spill In West Virginia

Of course, not surprisingly, the "Freedom" company has declared bankruptcy so taxpayers pay in more than money while the owner, it appears, will get away with the profits...

Is bankruptcy protection the same as bankruptcy?

From the WSJ:

"In court papers, Freedom gave a guarded version of what it referred to as the "incident" at its chemical storage facility near the Elk River. The company said "it is presently hypothesized" that a local water line break near its Charleston storage facility contributed to the freezing of the ground beneath a storage tank "in the extraordinarily frigid temperatures" in the days before the spill.

"That's very interesting, because what that version does is put the liability back on the water company," Mr. Majestro said.

Freedom said it "and investigative authorities have taken note of the hole in the affected storage tank that appears to have come from an object piercing upwards." The company referred to "the apparent release" of the chemical, which is used to treat coal."

Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection may have been their least bad option while they sort out this mess.

For how long has this "coal washing" chemical been unregulated?

BTW, I searched and found no evidence of Freedom Industries, Inc. operating an EMS that conformed to ISO 14001.

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