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is anyone able to direct me to a copy of a quality manual geared towards iso 17025 certification?

Al Dyer

I don't know of any available, maybe in the FTP site.

A shot in the dark but you could contact the various testing labs (ie Detroit Testing) and maybe get some ideas.



mph 407,
The NIST has quality manual templates and procedures for ISO 17025. Go to

You can download from there.
quality manual and standards

I am currently preparing to organize a quality manual fitting iso 17025 standards. However, I am concerned about proper wording and documentation as far as the quality manual itself is concerned. If anyone could give me some adivice I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you ahead of time.

Jerry Eldred

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I don't know that I can be of great help. But my first thought is to check from of the applicable registrar websites. My second thought is to tell you what I do. I write my quality policies with the applicable standards (i.e.: ISO 17025 (formerly Guide 25, etc..) open and in front of me as I write. I take each paragraph or sentence from the standard and do a self-evaluation as I write, and ask myself if I have a particular sentence or requirement in my policy to conform with the standard. Another useful technique (if you haven't written policies to conform with standards, is to organize your policy in similar order to the standard. My final advice is to have some other knowledgeable people review your work (quality manager for your site, or someone with that type background) while you are still in the initial editing and writing stage.

You don't have to write your policy any certain way. You only have to write it so as to conform to the applicable requirements of the standard.


Ryan Wilde


Here is a tip that really helped me out (and I've been through a few of these). Make a copy of 17025 that you would not mind writing all over (mark it as "Reference", "Uncontrolled") and read each clause. With a highlighter, highlight EVERY "shall have procedures" and every "shall have policies". Then go through and index them.

4.10.1----Policy/Procedure---Corrective Action---[checkbox]

From this index of the entire standard(it will be fairly long) you will know what you need to write and to what level.

Unless your assessor is very different than those I've encountered, if it says to have a procedure, you had better have a separate procedure for it. If it says to have a policy, it had better be written as a policy. Many of the clauses only require addressing, probably only at the quality manual level, and I've found it best to keep those very short and simple.

Just my opinion...


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