Example of 9001:2015 audit report with non-conformances


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External from a 3rd party of the entire company or an internal.
Thank you.
The CB audit reports are going to be wildly different and internal audits even more so. Can I ask what you're actually in need of?

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I am looking for nonconformance language and similarities of non conformances to the new standard.
Here is an example that combines clauses, the auditor having found that the document control distribution did not include specifications to the inspection station (only available in the machining processes).

Problem statement: Required documentation was not found in all required process stages.

Requirement: of ISO 9001:2015 requires documented information required by the quality management system and by this international standard to be controlled to ensure a) it is available for use, where and when it is needed. 8.5.1 requires controlled conditions for production, including a) availability of documented information that defines: 1) the characteristics of the products to be produced and 2) the results to be achieved.

Evidence: Inspection and acceptance of product XXX and XXX was observed to be conducted without acceptance criteria having been made available to the inspector (document XXX).

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