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Example of EMS Process Flow with interaction of core elements - Chemical industry


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Hello everybody,

I am posing an EMS Process Flow Chart with core elements and their interaction. This is a generic example for a chemical industry. Relevent ISO14001:2004 elements are indicated.

I had prepared one specifically for our company which is modified as shown in attachment. Our EMS Process Flow Chart was very much appreciated by auditors.

Please provide your comments on this.


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Let’s see…………PDCA, feedback loop from Management Review back to the Planning processes, integral processes such as document/record control.

Very nice!

When I did our flow chart I included the EMS document numbers (that pertain to each subject) in the box right under the description.

I did not include specific information regarding aspects on the chart as that changes from year to year but that is a personal preference, I guess.


Hi there. Just a quick question. Is a process flow required by the standard like ISO 9001?

Thanks, and this forum has been a great help
I don’t believe that a process flow chart is required per se, but it seems to be a good way to give a high level overview of your EMS in relation to the requirements of 4.4.4.


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We can't download these documents,how do we go about downloading them?
1. Just click on the name of the attached document. I've checked - it works.

2. If it cannot be downloaded, what message did you get?

3. These attachments were from year 2005, chances are anything earlier than MS Office 2003 may not work.

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