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Informational Examples of Quality Objectives and Targets


Siu Fun

ha, i am a new members, i am from hk.
i would like to ask can anyone give me some expamles about quality objectives and target, it is quite difficult to set and mesaures.
Also, how to show the continue improvement?
thanks :)

surendro - 2009

Siu Fun said:
ha, i am a new members, i am from hk.
i would like to ask can anyone give me some expamles about quality objectives and target, it is quite difficult to set and mesaures.
Also, how to show the continue improvement?
thanks :)

Every business needs to:

1. Grow,
2. Cut costs, and
3. Maintain leadership positions in its field.

Therefore, these are the goals. Now to put these as Quality Objectives you can frame these requirements as under:

Corporate Quality Objectives:

1. To grow ___% per annum starting from ______ (year),
2. To be competitive in the market by:
cutting down in the :
a) internal Operating costs by ____%,
b) Wastage by ____%,
c) Turn over of personnel by _____%,
d) Inventory by _____%
Increasing productivity by ____ %

Please remember you have to set goals of each process so that the above corporate goals are achieved.

You have to periodically review the working of all the processes to find out whether the company is achieving the same or not. If it fails to achieve the same it can be examined and corrective action taken.

The analysis report forms a part of the Management Review Meeting.



Antonio Vieira

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It’s almost obvious that every business needs “grow” and “cutting costs”, but I don’t think these are quality objectives.

“To grow ___% per annum starting from ______ (year)”
“Cutting down in the internal Operating costs by ____%”
“Increasing productivity by ____ %”
”Turn over of personnel by _____%”

These are the organization goals, not the organization quality objectives. If we read the standard we can’t find anything written about these issues.

In my point of view, what we must do is to choose some real quality objectives that can be aligned we these corporate objectives.

The company quality policy generally refers to subjects related directly to quality:
- “...comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system”
We must remember ISO 9001:2000 5.3 c) - “the quality policy provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives”.

It’s not so normal that we state things like “grow”, “cutting costs” or “increase productivity” in our quality policy. So, how can we find a connection with objectives that are not “framed” to the quality policy?
Although connected, quality and business are different things.

Now it’s almost “fashion” auditors say this:
- You are not stating quality objectives that are related to the company business...
Should they be?
As I told, in my opinion, quality objectives are not the same as company business objectives. They can be related but they are not the same.
If we can achieve all the quality objectives, this doesn’t mean we can obtain all the corporate goals.

Probably some don’t agree with this, but it’s only my opinion, somehow based on the standard. ;)


Here are some:
On time delivery- objective: XX%
Corrective action cycle time: less than XX days
% of returns or customer complaints: less than XX%
test yield: higher than XX%
Engineering support to manufacturing: less than XX%
Training budget: higher than X% of mass salary

Continuous improvement can be verified against what the previous goals were. For example, compare results of year 2004 vs 2003. If you get worse, you need to take action, re-establish realistic goals or even change your goals. Don't forget that this needs to be looked at regular intervals through Management reviews.
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surendro - 2009

Well Antonio,

I see no reason to disagree with your views. But what the standard requires? It requires Customer Satisfaction and therefore, it could be the main quality obective.

However, what the customer wants, it wants a quality product at a price that is value for money. This means the organisation should be able to achieve economy of production and at the same time should increase the quality of its products or services. You cannot expect to meet the customer's requirements and increase his satisfaction through a highly priced and inferior quality product.


Antonio Vieira

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Well, Surendro I must agree with your last post.
You are entirely right. Customer satisfaction is the main issue!

Also very interesting Quality objectives by SRT-4. I’m starting to get some support in this topic.

Thanks :lmao:

M Greenaway


How do you differentiate between 'quality' objectives and 'other' organisational objectives ?

Try defining 'quality' and see where that leads you !

Try also maintaining customer satisfaction when your company goes bust due to inability to maintain profit margins !

Also consider the strength of your 'quality' system if it does not support the achievement of organisational objectives.

Oh and for a good framework take a look at the Balanced Scorecard.

Antonio Vieira

Involved - Posts
M Greenaway

“How do you differentiate between 'quality' objectives and 'other' organizational objectives?”

I can have all of my customers satisfied and my company has no profits.
An integrated ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 management system generally has objectives for these tree different fields. Of course they shoud all be aligned with the organizational business objectives or goals.
The objectives for quality, environment or safety should also be framed by the respective policies.
Generally when we start a management system according to any of those standards, the company’s business objectives already exist. Of course we should align the new ones with the main corporate objectives.
Quality objectives are generally related with the customer.
Environmental objectives are generally related with the surroundings in witch the organization operates.
Safety objectives are generally related with the people we have working in the organization.
So, in my humble point of view, quality objectives are much different than other organizational objectives.

About BSC I think it’s just a “fashion” tool that some consultants brought to the quality field. For this kind of management you have Hoshin that is much easier and powerful tool. Hoshin is a genuine quality tool and if well applied can lead to good management of policies and objectives. :)


Re: Quality Objectives and Targets - Can anyone give me some examples?

how could i apply quality objectives to a construction company? since, the customers vary. the durations of projects is not the same.
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