Excel Help - Equivalent of "Range($G$14:$AD$121).Select" in R1C1 notation



I don't really know where to post this, but I am looking for the equivalent of "Range($G$14:$AD$121).Select" in R1C1 notation. The specific addresses are not important, but it is for a macro where both row and column must be fed in variable format from the spread sheet. (Thank you Marc for moving this to the appropriate forum).
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I tried several permutations of Range and Cell statements but I don't remember if I tried that specifically. I may have tried it with a colon between the two cell statements. I will try this version 1st thing tomorrow and let you know if it does it. In advance though, thanks for taking the time to lend a hand.


Sugggest you toggle the options settings for using R1C1 on, enter a dummy formula, toggle and enter the formula again (if you know what I mean)
When entering the formula you can use F4 to toggle a reference from relative to absolute
Here's what I got:
relative reference (G14:AD121) is the same as R[13]C[6]:R[120]C[29] - formula is in R1C1

absolute reference $G$14:$AD$121 is the same as R14C7:R121C30

Search excel help for "overview of formulas"


Thanks for your reply. As mentioned above, the specific addresses were not critical. what I was looking for Reynald hit right on the money. "Range(Cells(14, 7), Cells(121, 30))" worked like a charm. it was just a minor syntax issue. I was using a colon instead of a comma between the two cell statements, and of course, i couldn't find an example anywhere.
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