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Exclusion of IATF 16949 Clause - Product Safety


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Hello all

I think that ISO 9001 requirement for exclusion of standard requirements is more logical than IATF 16949, because it has a general statement in clause 4.3 that you shall justify any exclusion of standard requirement anywhere in standard: in clause 8.3 or other clauses.
But IATF has limited the ISO 9001 general requirement to clause 8.3 and only product design.

My questions are:

1-Why shall I think about and provide some processes for product-safety related products, when our product is not a safety product?

2- Does this requirement (considering clause in your QMS) has any logical justification where you not any product-safety related products?

Thanks all.


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there are many more clauses in this new version especially those about embedded software that can never be applied to most of the factories.

if you are certain that your factory will never someday in the future get a new product that turns to be a safety related product. I think it makes sense that you ignore it.
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