ExemplerGlobal QMS Auditor Certification?

Padre Paulo

Starting to get Involved
Hi all, I've been in the Cove many times as a reader having been engaged in many QA activities.
Having registered, I'm looking forward to being in discussions and asking questions of my own.
I'm looking to get further into QA and auditing, as it says in my about me - I've engaged in cross-functional teams for RCAs, CAPAs, ZDP, etc.
My main interest is auditing and I'm the lead internal auditor for my company - which I love, while the other seniors are grateful I'm doing it and not them (lol).
I'd appreciate any help on the general career prospects/requirements or even this particular instance.
ExemplarGlobal does lists which certifications/courses they honor for certifications, but the requirements are very vague - maybe someone can provide guidance.
I can't post the exact link but it's on their website under Quality Management System (ISO 9001) Auditor) section.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Good day Paulo,

I take it you have already reviewed the Getting Certified with Exemplar Global page as well as the individual certifications in the Browse All Individual Auditors Certifications by Category page? You are correct in that they are not as specific as would make me more comfortable. I find the links at the bottom of their page to be helpful. You can try their Contact us link for specific questions.

What I can offer is that they want their certifications and courses to be accredited. They like ASQ CQA certifications.

Every three years I have to give them an audit log. It is a hassle to collect the information unless you set up a table to collect the information and just fill it in as you go along.

Disclaimer: I am an ASQ member, also an Exemplar member and audit certification holder.
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