Existing reports and altering such reports



Ok Guys n Gals, please be nice, this is my first posting here

1) Parts have been shipped (direct) and accepted by our customer in the past
2) Parts have been ordered again and we have enough to cover the order without making new ones
3) Parts now go through a source inspection prior to shipping
4) a requirement that scource inspector wants to include on all reports are the gerneral finish and edge breaks on the report in the title block (not done on this part in the past)
5) Submitted the old report with a new Sheet 1 of the AS9102 form that refers to the old report.

Now, the scource inspector wants me to alter the old report to now include those general finish and edge break callouts. I refuse, stating that I cannot alter the old document

Question is...How do I back up my refusal with proof that I cannot make alterations to an old report? He won't take my word for it

thanks in advance for any and all replies


Re: Question about old existing reports and altering such report

This sounds typical of what I hear from our customers from time to time.

So....Since you have already shipped product using the forms, then these forms are tied to the product already shipped, so if you altered the report now, you would also be stating that product previously shipped also meet the added requirement, which you can't verify since you don't have the parts anymore.....correct?

Usually what I would do in a similar situation is either create a new report, copy over the previous results with the added attributes, and also updating the other sheets as well.
submit the old documentation with the addition of a second report with only the added attributes.

Just a thought...
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