Explain the ISO organization's numbering system


Alex Grguric

TS 16949

Does anyone know what the 16949 numbers represent? I have had several people ask this question. Thanks.

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Spaceman Spiff

I think it's the number of companies they're going to squeeze for more additional auditing/certification dollars!


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16949 number

The ISO people simply assign sequential blocks of numbers for standards.
Five digit numbers are newer standards; they ran out of 4 digit numbers
quite a while ago. There may be no connection at all between 16948, 16949,
16950.. etc.

About 10 years ago when I had a larger expense account I ordered a
directory listing all the ISO standards; it was about 300 pages with about
1 short paragraph per standard. The vast majority cover very specific
product specs say, the physical dimensions of a dry cell battery, or the
data recording formats used by CDROM's
not generalities like ISO 9000 or TS16949. It would
make excellent bedtime reading if you're insomiac.


Geoff Cotton

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I'm sure I saw the answer to this in another thread some months back.

It was regarding how standards are numbered.

I'll check when I get 5 minutes to spare.

Geoff Cotton

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It's in a post by Randy Stewart (March 03).

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