Exporting Ford's 'FMEA Plus' Files to Excel



FMEA to Excel conversion?

We are currently using FMEA and would like to migrate to Microsoft Excel. Is there any type of utility out there to export the fmea+ data to an excel format?

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Make sure you want to do this. FMEAs in Excel can be real trouble - especially if they're long.


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FMEAs in Excel

I think my conversion to recomending canned software for FMEAs, as much as I HATE canned software, is from the companies I have been in which did FMEAs in Excel. While I have seen some good FMEAs in Excel, I have seen more horrors. The root cause of most of the 'problems' was people doing them didn't really understand how to do an FMEA. Canned software somewhat forces the correct way to do them in the same way one can learn statistics by using a statistical analysis program.

If the people really know what they're doing, I have no problem with Excel.

As a secondary comment, if you're doing FMEAs you're probably automotive. In that case there is some pretty good software which does the whole shebang - FMEA - Control Plan - Process Flow Diagram --> all linked.

One aspect to consider is length, as well. I've seen 1 page FMEAs and I've seen 300 page FMEAs. If you're looking at 50+ pages, I'd be looking at canned software.

Just an old fart's opinion. That's all. :thedeal:

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FMEA plus - Exporting to Excel

FMEA plus data is difficult to convert to other formats if not impossible.

Briefly, I work at a risk analysis software company and we have developed FMEA-Pro 5 (our software) to handle FMEAplus Importing, and even some EXCEL(R) data files too.


Once imported, you can use FMEA-Pro 5 to continue your FMEA studies and even save the files into a universal HTML format.

Excel and Word both opens HTML files allowing you to simply copy/paste FMEA material into reports.

Just ask for STEVE BONDAREWSKI, I can help you with FMEAplus files or answer any other questions you may have.

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Steve Bondarewski

FMEA 3rd Edition

One more thing ...

Are companies already using the 3rd Edition format for FMEA studies?
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