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Extending current ISO 9001 registration scope to cover SW development




our current ISO 9001 certification covers scope on services support and with Exclusion to ISO 9001 Section 7.3, Design and Development, including all subsections.

Recently, our clients has requested for us to extend the scope to include S/W development. I know the ISO 90003:2004 will be a great guide. However, the client has also a specification for an "Independant SQA Engr". Anyone has similar experience to help?
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They're just wanting some assurance that software folks don't push out a release without proper vetting. This would include:
* independent verification (testing)
* independence in configuration management
* independence in change management

(There may be others, these just jumped to mind)

These do require a skillset that incorporates "software awareness" (i.e., they don't have to be coders but they need to understand things like unit testing, software architecture, software configuration management, etc.).
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