External Auditor Findings when an Internal Audit found a Nonconformance Yesterday

Paul Simpson

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That looks like a fairly obvious typo on Sidney's part.


My mistake. I meant internal, despite the fact that I wrote external.

The underlying issue is that there is no adequate SINGLE answer that fits all scenarios for this question.
Correct, Sidney. Ignoring the fact that you can't distinguish between the two types of audit :) it comes down to individual cases but I do have sympathy for a lot of auditees who do a decent job of rooting out problems only for the auditor to proverbially rip off their arm and hit them with the wet end. :(

For anyone who is semi-knowledgeable about registrar audits and the games played by some of the registrants to infer that 3[sup]rd[/sup] party auditors should never "duplicate" an internally originated non-conformity, is wrong.

I find very telling that nobody attempted to answer my previous question, reversing the perspective on the issue:
Again ignoring the fact that some registrants play the system by 'finding' stuff before an external audit and then saying: 'But you can't raise it because we found it!' we are left with the test of value. If I am going to go through disciplined problem solving and fix the thing I found then where is the value in me sending information to an external body. I have plenty of instances (on both sides of the external audit fence) where communications go back and forward between the two parties (for no value) and then the auditor has to check when they come in anyway. Especially when some CBs now want both their forms filled in and evidence of corrective action submitted.

Don't get me started on that! :frust:

Jason PCSwitches

I feel that if an internal audit has identified a NC and the analysis of that particular NC happens to be active, it should not be written up again just for the sake of doing so.

As has been stated, each case is different and that is just as important to keep in mind as all the other primary factors.

Now if an NC was noted & closed, & then an external audit came across the same NC, that's a different story all together.
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