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FAA & Military Certified?


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We had a presence at the aerospace show this year. We just started the process to
become Aerospace certified (AS9100) and have started looking for more future business.
At the show, someone from Boeing, after being told we were becoming AS9100 certified
asked our salesman if we would be FAA and Military certified as well?

Not sure of the insider nonemclature here.
I'm guessing that the FAA certified is AS9110 from doing my research here :notme:

Any guess on the military certified?



Not sure about the military certification but the referance to the FAA is if you are going to go thru the process of becoming a Production Approval Holder reviewed and approved by the FAA.
Here is a link to some frequently asked questions.

The other thing that you can do is contact your local FAA MIDO office to start a dialog with them. Here is the link to find the one nearest you.



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Usually in military quotes, the info you get to make the quote will specify required cerifications, etc. I am not aware of any over all 'certification' that is required by all contracts.
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